How to Get a Great Deal on Promotional Clothing


Many companies around the world invest in promotional clothing as a way of marketing their brand, providing their employees with a great uniform or as a gift for their customers in order to boost loyalty to their brand. Garments can range of the simple to the sophisticated, with almost anything being brandable nowadays, from t-shirts to ties and outdoor jackets.

The advantage of this is clearly that companies can find something that suits them and the image that they want to send out, as well as their practical needs. One thing that is important to take into account along with the looks and utility of the items, however, is the price.

Many companies wanting to invest in promotional clothing can be rightfully concerned with price, as buying a number of items with numerous customisation options and printing choices can means costs add up fast. They can be excellent value for money, however, and there are several ways for you to go about getting a great deal on price too.

The first thing to bear in mind is that often the best place to get all your promotional clothing is online, as these stores do not have the higher overheads of actual physical, land-based outlets. For this reason, it is possible to get items cheaper online than offline in many cases, although this is not always the case of course.

It is therefore recommended to consider both online and offline options, and do a price comparison for all of the items that you see that attract your interest. You may very well find that some items are cheaper offline but the quality is poorer, but online stores are slightly more expansive but of vastly superior quality. Exploring the two options will give you plenty more choice overall.

Another way to get real value for money is to ensure that you choose garments that are cheaper per item and regardless of the design that you print or have embroidered onto them. To give an example, a simple t-shirt can be exceptionally cheap, yet the price for a hoodie can shoot up to three or four times that price for some merchandising companies.

This is certainly food for thought if you are thinking about making your marketing budget go further.If you are looking at hoodies and they seem like they might be too expensive, why not consider sweatshirts? If a jacket is too costly, another less expensive option that you can consider is a branded fleece, which is a garment often greatly appreciated by its wearer.

This basically means looking at similar garments with similar levels of aesthetics and practical use can allow you to make some exchanges that can result in significant cost savings as a result. This is one great way to bring the overall cost down.

A final tip to make sure that you get the best prices on promotional clothing is to remember that often these merchandising companies will give you discounts on your orders with fidelity programs, bulk buys and during certain seasons of the year. This can lead to you getting money off that can benefit your marketing budget.

Even with a company that does not openly advertise the fact that they are offering discounts, you can often find you will be able to negotiate a deal by simply talking to them and discussing your needs. Always try this, as it could result in some money off or several free garments.

Although promotional clothing can be costly, these are just a few tips that will enable you to cut the cost. Bear these in mind when picking out your promotional apparel and you may very well be pleasantly surprised with your savings.


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