Great Office Stationery Alternatives to Promotional Pens


Promotional merchandising has been around for a very long time, and many items are considered staples in being able to effectively improve a company’s image and attract new clients and build customer loyalty. Some of these include customised t-shirts, promotional pens and promotional USB sticks, but there are many more also.

Although the items listed above are often very effective, economical and widely used, there are also some great alternatives on the market for companies looking to change up their merchandising ideas to make an impact on their target audience; here are a few of the best office stationery alternatives to promotional pens.

One very practical item is the promotional sticky notes pad, which is just as economical and useful as a pen. Many people who work in an office or are constantly in need of writing out notes during the day will have these on hand and make use of them constantly, and they are very unlikely to be discarded due to this utility, just like pens or pencils.

The other advantage is that a logo or slogan printed on a sticky notes pad means that the user will be constantly reminded of a brand, which can have an impact on a subconscious and a conscious level. A computer maintenance service that puts its contact details down on every page of a pad for emergency repair or advice can become the first company the sticky note user thinks of, for example.

Many might think that sticky notes can be quite boring as a choice for a promotional stationery item, but this certainly does not have to be the case. Instead of a simple logo and contact details, a company can choose to add an inspiring quote or interesting fact on their sticky notes, making it more interesting and engaging for the people using them.

Another piece of stationery that is a great alternative to promotional pens is the easel calendar, which is a handle stand up calendar that one can put up on their desk in order to track their important events and deadlines.

These are especially a good idea as they are extremely practical, and with an attractive design most people will want to keep them around. They can have photo images and well as spaces for notes, so that users can use the calendar as they wish. They are often just large enough – but not too much – to ensure that they are useful but do not monopolise office desk space.

These can be a great choice when filled with inspiring and calming image of nature, as they can add a touch of something uplifting to dull office life. They can also contain inspiring quotes or interesting facts in order to make this an item of stationery worth keeping around in the mind of the recipient of this product.

Another item that many people will like to keep around and use on a regular basis is the Helios highlighter, which basically consists of several mini highlighters fixed around a circular lid. This means that several different colours are all contained in one place, making it very easy for the user to chop and change depending on their needs.

This is very handy to keep in a desk drawer or on top of desk, is far more practical than regular highlighters and is small enough to transport around in a bag or briefcase too. For this reason, this is a very popular item of promotional merchandise when it comes to office stationery.

There are many different items that can be branded in order to give a strong company image or encourage custom, and promotional pens are some of the most widely chosen products. Despite this, there are several excellent alternatives on the market when it comes to practical office stationery that should definitely be given a chance too.

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