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The only way you can get customers to spend money with your home business is if they know about it, which is where marketing comes in. For a small or just one person outfit, you are not likely going to have a massive advertising budget making buys for commercial airtime during prime time. Regardless of whether you are selling used books, doing consulting or featuring hand crafted jewelry, you need to market your message out there.

Consider the many marketing platforms available to you. If you do something that can only do local business, you should definitely incorporate community possibilities. On the other hand, if your business can be handled online or through shipping, then the Internet is impossible to ignore. You might even wind up doing some of both.

For more locally focused businesses, print marketing can be very successful. Design a flyer and place it on any public bulletin board that you can find with space and permission. Print up several hundred and put them on windshields of busy parking lots, particularly if there are stores similar to your niche. Also have a few hundred business cards made, and keep a few on hand anytime you head out. You never know when a social conversation might present an opening.

The Internet is a primary place for small business marketing nowadays. At a minimum you need a website. You should also have a blog portion on it for regular and fresh updates and content. Support your site with social media marketing, where you gather fans and customers of your business and let them know all that is going on with your business. Run contests and offer discounts routinely, but always make sure you think of them first, always offering content they like and find useful.

YouTube and other video sharing websites offer a unique way to advertise your business, if you are creatively inclined. Instead of just having text advertising around on social media sites, film funny commercials for your business. Maybe even have recurring characters and storyline. If you can get a little following going, you might just get some viral attention to your business.

Track every marketing methods you employ, offline or online. Every time you get a new customer or make a sale, casually ask where they heard about you and what brought them in. Document this, and you will quickly know what works for you and what does not. If a category fails, retool it or just leave it alone. Try and expand on what is successful. Do not stay up late at night wondering why what works does, just thank your lucky stars that it does.

The mediums in which you can market your business from home are numerous and varied. If you are just starting out, choose one and focus on it until it is habitual and comfortable. If you already do some marketing, identify some new channels you can branch out into. In either case, apply what you have learned from this article so that you can make more money.

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