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Interesting discussion came up on Warrior Forum today. Someone asked what the best product was selling. I did not stick around to see what any reaction was because I wanted my reaction to be as free from the influence as possible. So I’m going to share with you my feelings about what the best product to sell if you’re thinking about starting your own home business. The answer may or may not surprise you.

Well, here goes. Ready? The best product to sell is that your target market wants. Okay, I know that you are very disappointed in the response. But guess what? It is the best answer anyone can give you regardless of what you might think. But I’m not going to just leave you with the answer. I am going to explain. So sit back, relax and take notes.

We live in a messed up world, like it or not. There are more problems in this world than any of us can count. From health to the financial problems you name it. We are the world of misery. And when people have a problem, guess what? They are not happy. They want to solve their problems. Even I have problems, as well as I run my own home business. Not everything can be solved by money. As a matter of fact, I do not know one person that is not a problem of any kind. Well, so is it the case?

The point is this. For every problem there is a solution. Some of the solutions is easy, so as to take the table and others are not so easy, as working out two hours a day. But for most of the problems in this world, there are solutions. Some are free, which means that we can do it without having to spend any money, but some are not free. We have to dig into our wallets and pay for the solution. They are products that you can usually find in stores or online. They are the best products to sell. There is no such thing as one being better than another.

Not everyone has acne, and acne treatment will only appeal to those with acne. Not everyone is in debt, so follow to get out of debt will only appeal to these people. But every product out there on the market. There is someone who needs it. So choose a product that you can best relate. If you can talk about it wisely, you will have the best chance of selling it. It is no different from recommending a movie to your friend. Just be yourself.

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