The Mobile Experience From Inception To Retirement

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“And enabling them to view client shopping history for clienteling and providing access to enterprise CRM and loyalty data — not just what a consumer bought from a single store, but a customer’s buying history across all stores and all channels — is invaluable.” “Ultimately, the mobile solution needs to be branded by the retailer and owned by store operations — not by IT.” Aaron Hagler, VP of solutions strategy at Tolt Solutions Another important lesson Hagler has learned over the years is that the success of a mobile solution sale isn’t determined by signing a contract and completing and implementing a solution; there are a couple of additional details that need to occur before and after the install.Discussing project

Ultimately, the mobile solution needs to be branded by the retailer and owned by store operations — not by IT.” Beyond Mobile Sales: Security And MRR Hagler believes firmly that IT service providers who focus on enhancing the customer experience and can combine a consultative sales process with integration, implementation, and postsales support services will have a much higher likelihood of success.

And the same technology that’s causing a serious threat to retailers’ bottom lines is being used to empower store associates and managers with real-time enterprise and product-relevant data as well as the ability to provide meaningful customer services (e.g., price markdowns, mobile checkouts, and payment processing) that improve the customer experience, which ultimately bolsters the bottom line.

Tolt was one of the first large solutions providers to embrace the idea that you don’t need a fixed terminal to transact with consumers, an opportunity that came to fruition about 11 years ago when helping a specialty retailer implement mobile POS to support peak shopping demands during grand openings and holiday periods on a traditional retail-hardened mobile device.

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