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If you have already purchased products and you know they are great products, you can start promoting them. Go to the website from where you purchased the product and see if they offer an affiliate programme. If they do sign up to the programme to receive your affiliate link.

It is a lot easier promoting a product that you already own and trust, and it’s a lot easier writing a review of that product when you already know it.

Find The Top Marketers In Your Field
If you don’t have a product to promote you can look in all the usual places like ClickBank and Amazon but I would like to offer a different approach to finding a product, look for the top people in your niche. These are the most well-known with the biggest and best blogs, have a large social media presence and lots of products.

They could offer an affiliate programme for you to join, if they do then go ahead and join their programme.

The advantage of promoting a well-known person in your niche is that they have already built trust with their audience, so not very much credibility will have to be built with your audience when you promote their products to them.

Choose Best-Selling Products Proven To Sell
Another approach is to find the best-selling products, that is products that are proven to sell. You can look for products on Amazon, in ClickBank and other affiliate marketplaces. Whilst in Amazon click on the Best Sellers tab to view the best-selling products in that category. On ClickBank filter your options to popularity and check the results that they give you.

Make sure that the products that you are choosing are all related to the niche that you are in. For instance if you are an expert in hiking and your website is all about hiking there would be not point in promoting the latest smartphone there. The people reading your blog would probably not be very interested. So choose products that your audience will be interested in. For hiking this might be a hiking guide, hiking boots and any other accessories that go along with hiking.

Use Social Media To Promote Your Website
Once your website is up and running with a blog and posts related to your niche it is time to tell people about your website.

If you have a Facebook page then you can update your timeline with posts every time you write a new blog post inviting people to come to your blog to read your new post. You can do exactly the same if you have a YouTube channel, once you have uploaded a video share it on your Facebook page for others to see. You can use a paid option here which is called Boost Post, this will promote your post all over Facebook and you only pay when someone clicks on the link.

Mix your posts with content and tips with the occasional promotion. Do not send users from Facebook or YouTube straight to an affiliate sales page, this is often against the terms of service and you will face getting your page banned. It is a much better idea to send them to a page on your own website where you have written a review about the product that you are promoting with a link to the sales page on your page, not Facebook or YouTube.

Use SEO To Get Organic Traffic
Every post that you write on your blog should include keywords that people in your niche will type into Google when looking for information about your niche. This is called optimising your website for search engines, or search engine optimisation, SEO for short.

There are so many ways to do this that it is impossible to list them all here and out of the scope of this article, but you can go to Google AdWords and start a new campaign to check and see how many people are searching for a particular keyword in your niche.

If you choose a generic keyword that is being searched for thousands of times per month, for instance “how to lose weight”, you will find that you are up against millions of pages using those keywords. It is much better to think about using longer keyword phrases that someone will type into Google, for instance “how to lose weight without dieting and counting calories.” The total number of people searching for that keyword phrase will be lower but you will have a much better chance of your blog post being ranked higher in the search results, especially if you get a few back-links to that page, that is inbound links from high-ranking websites like Facebook, YouTube, EzineArticles and other high-ranking Blogs in your niche.

Don’t make this difficult, just choose a phrase that you think people are searching for, you can check this by typing the search phrase into Google and see what results you are given. It’s a judgement call, there is no rocket science here just look at the results you are given and see if you can make a better job with your information than what you see in the results. Get some back-links to this post and see where you have been ranked. This takes time, perhaps thirty to ninety days before you start seeing results from the search engines.

Well, maybe it’s just that I can write to you, I hope my article this time about Tips How To Get Started In Affiliate Marketing can be beneficial. read this also Affiliate Marketer, What Separates an Super Affiliate Marketer. Good Luck Brother

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